“HiFi is never better than the room”

Offering professional help to improve your room acoustics.


HiFi listening rooms, home cinema rooms or music studios – they can all be vastly improved making your listening experience much more enjoyable.


  • Room acoustics analysis

  • Speaker measurement on location

  • Personalized room acoustics solution

  • System calibration on location


So, you have a nice and expense HiFi system but does it sound as good as it could do? Does the treble sound harsh and uninviting?

Can you feel the low-end punch or are you swimming in bass frequencies?

Does your home cinema system sound boomy and uneven in the low-end? Is the mid-range clarity lacking in detail?

What have you done about it apart from upgrading your speakers and amps? Maybe you have measured your room with a cheap microphone and tried using a digital “room correction” system.

It didn’t work that well, right? Made the sound flat as a pancake I presume.

Do not despair, there is a cure!

Have you done anything to improve your room acoustics?

If not, you’re missing out on 50% of the sound from your speakers – nothing affects the sound as much as the room acoustics does.

You’re driving your sports car at half speed.

So, what’s the hardest part of treating the room acoustics? Getting started!


How much does room acoustics affect the quality of your sound reproduction? Take a listen to the before-and-after video!


Contact me for a quote. Your speakers deserve it!

Have your own room visualized in 3D with and without

acoustic treatment.